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Dialogues                                                                                                                                 Leer en Español

The project titled 'Dialogues', explores the voyage of life through shadows, introspection, contemplation and illusions. Deeply intrigued and engrossed in day to day life coupled with an odd yet absolute fear of darkness, the work wanderlust amidst the shadows, they became my strength. The obsession and fascination with shadows has taken me to a surreal world where the momentary experience of the journey and my conversations are recorded in the form of an photograph. These shadows are very personal to me as I relate them to my faded memories, often to those revolving around my life, trauma, childhood, love, friends, dreams, drama and magic. There is a blend of contemplation, mysteriousness, darkness, conversation, illusion and oppositions and they all co-exist in the same frame.

It is my expression to live in a world and at the same time remain unobserved, in both simultaneous realism and surrealism creating a space where everything fits in together. The constant whispering in the form of conversation has indulged me in a dream's-reality. I feel my subject wants to say something to me and I respond to them "As I Am". These shadows make me feel I am on a timeless journey and the road leads me to an undisclosed destination without any sense of time attached to it.

I find myself as a performer exhibiting my talent in front of my viewers, listeners, shadows unobserved, unfelt and yet to be written. Shadows fill in the lonely part of me, being there for the countless questions I have about life and introspection. The shadows in my photographs speak if you learn to listen to their silent discourse.

"I do not have a dream, I believe I am the dream, and my work is the glimpse of the dream." - Kushal Kapoor.

"Dialogues" are a glimpse of a personal visual journey and an intimate discourse with self . Shadows play an important role in his imagery, recreating an alternate universe of illusions while he connects them with various personal moments and emotions introspecting his sense of time and existence.

(Sandeep Biswas-Curator)

Kushal Kapoor, nacido en Lucknow el 7 de enero de 1991, comenzó su andadura en el mundo de la fotografía a la edad de 10 años en su alma mater, La Martiniere College, Lucknow.

Durante su graduación en Periodismo y Comunicación de Masas en la Universidad de Amity, Noida, continuó persiguiendo su pasión por la fotografía y realizó varias prácticas de fotografía, incluyendo una pasantía con la Ópera de Novosibirsk para el Festival de Arte Moderno en Rusia, 2011-2012.

Sus esfuerzos en la fotografía pronto mostraron resultados cuando fue galardonado con el Premio Nacional de Fotografía en la 12ª Exposición de Fotografía de toda la India, 2014.

Tras su graduación y después de recibir varios premios y reconocimientos a nivel local y nacional, Kushal pasó a obtener su título de postgrado en Máster de Bellas Artes en la Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos. También es un ex alumno del Eddie Adam Workshop XXX, Nueva York, Estados Unidos, 2017.

Es un fotógrafo de bellas artes con numerosos reconocimientos a su nombre:

Ganador del número 53 de Creative Quarterly: 100 Best 2018, Manhattan , Nueva York, 2019.

Mejor en la exposición: Portfolio, Spring Show, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2017.

2º Premio, Bellas Artes/Personal, APA (American Photographic Artist), Estados Unidos, 2016.

Gran Premio, Galería de Arte Fairmont, The Fairmont, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2015.

Premio Nacional, 12ª Exposición de Fotografía de la India, State Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow, UP, India, 2014.

Kushal Kapoor born in Lucknow on 7th January 1991 began his journey with photography at the age of 10 at his alma mater La Martiniere College, Lucknow.

During his graduation in Journalism & Mass Communication at Amity University, Noida, he continued to pursue his passion for photography and took up several photography internships including an internship with Novosibirsk Opera for the Modern Art Festival in Russia, 2011-2012.

His efforts in photography soon showed results when he was awarded the National Award in Photography at the 12th All India Photography Exhibition, 2014.

Post his graduation and after receiving several awards and appreciation at the local and national level, Kushal went on to earn his post graduate degree in Masters of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, USA. He is also an alumni of the Eddie Adam Workshop XXX, New York, USA, 2017.

He is a fine art photographer with numerous accolades to his name:

Winner, Creative Quarterly issue 53: 100 Best 2018, Manhattan , New York, 2019.

Best in Show: Portfolio, Spring Show, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2017.

2nd Prize, Fine Art/ Personal, APA (American Photographic Artist), USA, 2016.

Grand Prize, Fairmont Gallery of Art, The Fairmont, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2015.

National Award, 12th All India Photography Exhibition, State Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow, UP, India, 2014.