Kanchan Chander /India

Artist's statement

I started with Painting and Printmaking in late 1970s . I have been working in different medias - Painting in Oil/Acrylics , Printmaking and Mixed Medias . I strongly believe that an artist should not be restricted to a single media . Evolution in concept as well as medium is an important factor in an artist's life . My works are very often autobiographical -representing pain , reality and often whimsical My earlier series had women in different poses depicting their state of mind-be it emotional or psychological .

Presently my series are based majorly on Female Torsos and Devis (Goddesses) . I am doing them in mixed medias on canvas boards and fibre glass sculptures . I then embellish it with old magazine cuttings , wrapping papers , stickers and many more material .

Devi is a series of works that I have been working on from the past few decades. I represent her in a new avatar as Devi Nouveau . Rabindranath Tagore had once called women "The Incarnation of Tolerance". She is a symbol of empowerment , compassion , motherhood , sensitivity and sensuousness , all embodying today's woman . The various roles a woman undertakes in her daily life is characterized in these works . A woman is capable of being a plumber, carpenter, technician , mother, housewife and a colleague. She has the compassion of Goddess Durga and motherly form of Goddess Gauri Jagadamba and the abundance and fertility of the Lajja Gauri .

The series tries to highlight women and their various roles though it saddens me that while women are progressing in the professional fields , some mindsets still remain stagnant and obstructed with women being subject to emotional and physical violence .

Kanchan Chander

Artists Bio

Kanchan Chander was born in 1957 in New Delhi (India) . She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art (1981) . She was a guest student at KunstHochSchule in East Berlin (1974-76 ) and in Santiago College of Arts in 1979-1980 . She received French Government Scholarship for Printmaking in Ecole Des Beaux Arts , Paris (1984-85 ) Kanchan was a Lecturer at College of Arts , New Delhi (1986-2005 ) . She received British Council Grant in 1993 and Junior Fellowship ( 1990) and senior Fellowship (2019) from Ministry of Culture , New Delhi .

Kanchan has given Presentations of her works all over India and in various universities in USA like School of Art Institute Chicago ( SAIC ) and Mills college Berkely , California .She has had solo shows in many cities in India , Japan , Germany , Singapore , Australia .She has participated in important shows like Fukuoka Art Musuem , Japan ; "Tiger by the Tail " at Brandeis University , USA ; "Forms of Devotion" at Musuem of Sacred Arts , Belgium ; "Blood Ties " in Canberra , Australia . Kanchan has also been a part of International Print Biennales in Frenchen , Germany ; Bristol ,UK ; Holland ; Bharat Bhavan , New Delhi ; Lalit Kala Akademi ,New Delhi ; Ljubljana. She has extensively participated in major group shows all over India and the world .

Her collections are in Fukuoka Musuem of art , Japan ; British Musuem ,London , UK ; Victoria & Albert Musuem , UK ; Kiran Nadar Musuem of Art , New Delhi ; Ecole des Beaux Arts , Paris , France ; National Gallery of Modern Art.

New Delhi ; Chandigarh Musuem and many more in India and abroad .)Kanchan has won the International Print Bienalle award in Bristol , UK and many more in India and has been a part of national and International Art Camps .

She was one of the founder members of Indian Printmakers Guild and advisory member to Print Biennale ,New Delhi ( 2021 ) and National gallery of Modern Art New Delhi (2019 -2022 ). Kanchan was on judging panel of Charles Wallace and InLakhs Scholarship .