Hava Zilbershtein / Israel

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The creation of Hava Zilbershtein is characterized by a combination of materials and unexpected compositions. At the center of her art is a modern way of thinking - contemporary and at times conceptual.

Through the print, Zilbershtein seeks not only the What but also and perhaps mainly the How. Zilbershtein seeks, through the print technique, to explore the language of art, to discern such concepts as line, spot, shape and color.

Nature is her images provider, on one hand she tied to the nature (figures and proportions) but on the other hand she dismantle, delete and reassemble it the way she feels. Hava creats a kind of havoc, cutting and ripping, in order to create a new context and meaning. The images in her work are taken to dramatic and dynamic places, to disastrous situations such as tumble, storm, pain and escape.

The variety of materials, techniques and the different ways of print making, create enormous stimulations with whom she is talking and sometimes "struggling".

Zilbershtein puts less emphasis on the subject. This is her way to create a struggle between stains, shapes and lines, between protruding elements accompanied by sharp almost pointy lines and minor elements accompanied by soft, round freehand lines.

The printmaking techniques allow Zilbershtein to create layered textures. Engraving, partial erasing and engraving again on the erased area creates layered and composite work.

In Zilbershtein works there are horizontal and diagonal lines that create tension within the calmness of the composition. Typically the lines are thin and delicate but sometimes they become thicker and intense, emphasizing the dramatic narrative and the transition from the calmness to the stormy, from the "piano" to the "forte".

Spots and stains are sometimes in the background while they are light and faded and sometimes outstanding and dominant while they are dark and bold. They are usually almost abstract but on the other hand they are rather clear and expressive.

Zilbershtein works present a personal point of view of the nature. She dramatize the simple, banal and "pretty" objects (women, flowers, birds) to provoke and doubt the concept of "beauty", to stimulate the viewer thinking that nature is not obvious and does not look the same to everyone.

Hava Zilbershtein 

Born (1953) in Tel-Aviv. Graduated "The Midrasha" (1975), Art teacher (1975-1995), Member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association.

After twenty years of art teaching I preferred to devote myself to art only. In the last ten years I create my works by etching on zinc and aluminum plates. This technique is the most suitable to express myself because of the character of the textures. In my works I use figures made of lines and stains, situated in abstract and vague environment. My works have been represented 8 times in individual exhibitions and more than 30 in times group exhibitions. In year 2000 I awarded the first prize in "pain" exhibition and contest with my work "Waves".

Solo Exhibitions

1988 - Meirhoff Gallery - Tel Aviv Museum

1999 - Art Center - Rison Le Zion

2002 - Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association Gallery - Tel Aviv

2003 - Yad Lebanim Memoial Hoase - Tel Aviv

2006 - Zaritsky Art Center - Tel Aviv

2012 - "Contrast" - Zaritsky Artists House Tel Aviv

2019 - "Contemplation" - Zaritsky Artists House Tel Aviv

2021 - Tova Osman gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

1999 - Art House - Rison Le Zion

2000 - Bible Museum - Tel Aviv

2000 - Joe Alon Center - Lahav

2000 - Heichal Gallery - Natania

2000 - Yad Lebanim Memoial Hoase - Rison Le Zion

2000 - "Pain" Exhibition and contest - Dan Hotel Haifa - Winning 1stprize

2001 - "Mini Print" exhibition - Rosario, Argentina

2001 - Meirhoff Gallery - Tel Aviv Museum

2002 - Museum Windows - Ramat Aviv Center

2002 - "Olive Branch" - Kfar Saba Municipal Gallery

2003 - Meirov House - Hulon

2003 - Miniature Exhibition - Kay College, Beer Sheva

2004 - Yad Lebanim Memoial Hoase - Nes Ziona

2004 - Meirhoff Gallery - Tel Aviv Museum

2004 - Yad Lebanim Memoial Hoase - Holon

2005 - Bible Museum - Tel Aviv

2007 - "Homage to Jacques Prevert" - Mishkan Omanim Herzliya

2009 - "Homage to Federico Garcia Lorca" - Cervantes Institiute Tel Aviv

2010 - "Homage to Louise Bourgeois" - Meyerhoff Gallery - Tel Aviv Museum

2010 - Bet Gabriel

2010 - Rehovot Artisits House

2011 - "I, Me, Mine" - Zaritsky Artists House Tel Aviv

2011 - "Megatinta - Traditional Printmaking in the Digital Edge" - Zaritsky Artists House Tel Aviv

2012 - Netanya Municipality

2012 - "Together and Apart" - AP Gallery @ Zaritsky Artists House Tel Aviv

2012 - "I And Other Animals" - Zaritsky Artists House Tel Aviv

2014 - Okashi Art Museum Old Acre

2014 - Reut Artisits House

2015 - "Matrkot" - The Mormon University Jerusalem

2015 - "Fire and Water" - Ein Afek park

2019 - "Into the Wild" - ZEZEZE Gallery

2022 - "Hybrid" - Yavne Art Workshop Gallery


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